Wordless Wednesday: Favorite Istanbul Moment


Quaint street. Cobblestone. Sunset. Vintage carpets.


New Art

So I got the coolest Christmas present ever, and I wanted to show it to you. See, my dad, in addition to being a pilot/mechanic, a really good HR director and an excellent packer and builder of luggage handles, has always loved painting. Only he doesn’t do it very often, mostly because he’s being kept busy with my mom’s various house projects, or organizing and cleaning his garage, looking up weird things on the internet or watching football on TV.

When I was little, he dabbled in oil painting. He has always been a doodler, and I used to love watching him draw airplanes, mountains and funny faces while he talked on the phone. He’s also done beautiful watercolor landscapes after my mom gave him watercolor lessons for a birthday present one year when I was in high school.

My sister is big on meaningful gifts. We are also a pretty crafty family. So when I decided I wanted some kind of art on a blank wall in my living room, I considered doing some kind of abstract art myself. But then I remembered my closet artist dad. So I called him all the way in Idaho and told him of my plan for him to paint something for me for Christmas.

I kind of didn’t know if he’d do it. I honestly had sort of forgotten about the whole idea in the rush of Christmas and traveling to see them. So Christmas morning, after all the presents were opened and put away, we started to put together lunch. (Also a big event in my family. Not just Christmas lunch, but ALL lunches, that is.)

Suddenly, my dad said, “Oh wait! I forgot one present!” And he ran out to the chilly garage, lifted the canvas down from it’s hiding spot and brought it in. I was amazed he had remembered and even done it.

We decided to add a little more orange in there to match my living room, so back to the garage he took it, spreading out his wrinkly tubes of paints on an old plastic cutting board as a palette (so my dad) and hanging the canvas up on the garage shelving with clamps (also SO my dad, Mr. MacGyver).

Let’s watch a little of his process:

And that’s how it went from yellow to orange. He told us that while he was painting, he was thinking about the work that we do and all the suffering there is in the world. My dad is so sweet.

And the final product: