Flying with Uncle Nate


She flew so high, she flew right out of my camera frame.




Ten years ago, I married this dude.

We drove to Mexico for the honeymoon, but one thing FP always talked about was going back to visit Portugal. He’d been, I hadn’t, and he always said he’d love to show it to me. So I made a mental note to make it happen for our 10th anniversary.

Fast forward 9.75 years, we were planning to visit the relatives in Holland. And I realize: time to make Portugal happen. We brought the kids to Holland, let them hang out with the grandparents and cousins, and then squeezed out five days in Portugal. Technically it was a couple of months early, but whatever.


Lisbon was amazing.


Who is surprised? Exactly no one.


Old streets, picturesque corners everywhere you turn.


We stayed in Alfama, on my husband’s recommendation.




After a while, though, I was almost on overload because every view was so amazing.


More to come on Portugal, obviously, but suffice it to say, life has been one grand adventure with this one. I’d marry him again.


You Can Take a Girl Out of the Jungle, But You Can’t Teach Her to Sled


My one faithful blog reader (hi, dad!) complained about the lack of posts since Halloween. I have a few things to share – the rest of the Argentina/Uruguay trip, a trip to China and then all the in-between, but let’s wrap up last year with our 10 days in Idaho at my parent’s house.

Originally, it was just to be our family and my parents, but a last minute event allowed my sister’s family to join us from Ecuador.

It was a little crazy with all the little kids running around, but it was so fun to have the cousins together. IMG_5191

This sledding adventure was near the end of our trip, but I know it was a highlight for J, and definitely memorable.


We tried sledding a couple of years ago, but the kids got cold, and the hill wasn’t that great.

This one turned out to be just perfect, and we finally figured out the secret to sledding: WARM CLOTHES.

Easter Miracle

Two years ago, I took a photography class at the local community college. I wanted to learn to use my camera, and I wanted to get better at taking photos of my (at the time only one) kid.

The teacher’s advice on photographing kids? She uses the sport setting to shoot her dogs. That was it.

Fast-forward two years and one kid later, just try getting a good photo of the two of them together, especially now that the 4-year-old isn’t into getting his photo taken and the 1-year-old is BUSY.

Behold, I show you this:

It was an Easter miracle. Now, that pose on the right wasn’t what I was going for, and I cropped off their feet but look! They’re both looking at the camera and have pleasant looks on their faces.

We were trying to recreate this from last year:


That… did not go so well. They weren’t into it. (Also my tulips hadn’t bloomed yet!)


So we tried another pose.


Which was quickly met with disdain.


Some people simply did not want to be photographed.


And some people were busy.


So we sent them off on a walk in the neighbor’s yard.


Which, predictably, did not go well.


More cheese:


Some sweetness:


And the moral of the story is: at least I got one decent one. But really? Sports setting? Someone does not know anything about children.

And at least they love each other.