#1 Turns 6


This dude:

turned 6 this year.

Looking back at that old one month photo, I remember how much he cried. all. the time. And why babies aren’t my favorite.

But back on topic.

We invited over a bunch of friends, and the boys mostly ran around in the yard screaming and chasing each other.



We also played “Pin the Tail Wheel on the Motorcycle”, had a “tire-eating” contest, wore motorcycle tattoos and crushed a piñata.






All that before cake and the option of Motor Oil or Antifreeze to drink.


Basically the reason I throw birthday parties is so I can make a cake. I get such a fun thrill out of coming up with an idea and executing it (in buttercream, so that helps!)



And there were presents, but the natives were crowded too tightly around the slashing of colored paper that I couldn’t get a great shot.


I happen to like this kid, so I guess we’ll keep him around.


Previous parties here:
1 (Big Insane Invite Everyone!)
2 (Casual Have Friends Over and Grill)
3 (There was a party… but I can only find one photo of it. These are the babies born in the same year.)
4 (Fishing Party! With a Theme and All)
5 (Which, apparently I never blogged about, but had a similar set up.) The cake on this one was a bit… scary.)

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