Reconnecting with my Roomie in Salt Lake


This summer we managed to make two stop overs in Salt Lake City to see my college roommate and her family. I met this woman as a scared 18-year-old college student, and we managed to stick it out together for four years. We went to each other’s weddings, visited each other in different countries and just managed to stay in touch all these years.


So when the opportunity came to have our families hang out, we jumped at it.


Julie graciously opened up her basement guestroom/playroom, and my kids thought they were in heaven.


When we drove up into the mountains, however, I thought I might be in heaven.



The kids got along famously well.




And everything was so green, so green, you see.


It was a welcome sight to our Oklahoma eyes. And the mountains were everywhere.


And just when our hosts said, “Sometimes we see moose up here.”


Baby moose alert! He/she let us get pretty close.

Because it was summer, the air was pretty dry, too. We came home dusty.

(Probably not going to make the family Christmas card. But still so pretty.)


It was so great to be with Julie and her family that we were sad to leave. But a week later, we ended up stranded in Salt Lake on the way home with a canceled flight. So we went back to Julie’s again. #bonusextranight

(She has an etsy shop, with the most delightful baby items. They’re so cute they almost make me want to have another.)

Next up: they need to come to Oklahoma so we can show them some bison. Or something.



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