The Travel Guide to Portugal (or the one time I was organized)

For once in my life I actually kept track of some costs. I thought I’d share some of the prices of our trip just to give you an idea, both of what we did and what you could expect if you did something similar.

Airport shuttle: $30
We looked into various options for getting from the airport to our apartment. There’s a city bus, there’s a train. I hate that discombobulated feeling I have when arriving in a new country for the first time, and I much prefer to have someone meeting me. The Hello Lisbon service that we booked our apartment through had a shuttle service, so we opted for that.

We would have taken the train back to the airport for sure, but we needed to make a stop at the tile stop and didn’t have time to do that on the train. So we took a taxi to the airport on our return trip.

Tram: $2.85 per journey
Around town, you must take the iconic yellow trams that zip through the streets. There are other options, too, like buses, but come on! You’re in Lisbon. Take the yellow trams. The locals do it.

There was a tram that ran right outside our apartment, so it was very convenient for getting home and not having to walk up the hill. However, I wouldn’t want to drive on those narrow streets and have to navigate around the trolleys!

Hop on, Hop off Yellow Bus: $19.50 each
For our trip up to the northern part of the city (where the Torre of Belem and the Jeronimos Monastery are), we visited the tourism office on the Praca do Comercio square and bought these tickets. They have three bus lines like this (yellow, red, purple) that cover different areas. Given our limited time, we picked one. There was also a package deal for doing all three, but I don’t remember the cost.

Torre de Belem: $6 entrance
Worth it? Probably. It wasn’t much.

Castelo San Jorge: $12 entrance
Yes, worth it, especially doing it at sunset like we did.

Train, Lisbon to Sintra: $4.30
Really? Do you have to even ask?

Quinta de Regaleira: $6 entrance

Palacio de Pena: $14 entrance
On the higher end, but worth it, especially if you spend the whole day and explore the grounds.

Moorish Castle: $8 entrance
Cheap enough for experiencing a piece of history.

Local Sintra bus 434 to get to the two castles at the top of the mountain: $5 each
And you’ll feel so cool doing it.

Train, Sintra to Lisbon to Albufeira: $23.45 each
Man, I wish we had more train travel in the US. Convenient, simple, efficient.

So that’s what I’ve got! No food was included here, but that should give you an idea of what the attractions cost.


I don’t often want to return to places, but I’d definitely go back to Portugal. We just didn’t have time to savor everything and do everything and see everything.

Maybe for our 20-year anniversary? #lifegoals


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