What Kind of Name is That? …MOORISH*


So somehow on the morning we hiked the Castle of the Moors I must not have felt like lugging around my DSLR. I don’t have any photos from that morning, apart from one iPhone photo. Maybe I was living in the moment instead of documenting. Or maybe I just didn’t like any of the photos and deleted them.

You’ll have to be content with that one up there, and the few I took from the Pena Palace, where you can just barely see the outline of the castle walls on the ridge.


The castle is in ruins, but you can hike along the walls and enjoy spectacular views from all angles. There are several placards throughout the grounds, explaining pre-Islamic tombs and other historic elements of the area. The Moorish Castle itself is built on top of the ruins of a much older society. The spots where this older society ground their corn are still there.


While this site isn’t as fantastical as the Pena Palace, the lush grounds and views make it worth the $8 entrance fee. The vegetation was particularly lovely when we were there in spring. Again, don’t take the tourist bus to the top of the mountain. Take Sintra city bus 434. This site has more images of the castle and some good historical information.

I’d say this site is for someone who is in at least moderate shape, because of the long (ish) walk to the site from the entrance and the many sets of stairs within the castle grounds. And then, because my husband is obsessed with ultra-running, I took the bus back to town, while he laced up his sneakers and ran all those switchbacks.


But he could have MUCH worse hobbies.

*Yep. That’s a movie quote. Any guesses which one?


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