If all the kings horses, and all the king’s men (and all the kings themselves) want to live in Sintra, that’s probably a good clue you should go visit. The Portuguese monarchs always choose the best spots.


Sintra, where even the random public fountains are amazing works of art.

I didn’t pay too much attention to this portion of the planning, but my husband said we should go, so I had some vague notion about a castle. (Make that at least 5, because I wasn’t paying attention.)


We took the train up, and it was an easy 45 minute ride from Lisbon. We stayed two nights, and so had a full day in between to explore, plus some extra on the day we arrived. I could have stayed much longer.


The town was quaint and walkable, the air crisp and of course, gorgeous architecture everywhere.


We didn’t even have time to go in the National Palace at the center of town. (Those two cones in the background are its spires.)


If you go, don’t be like me. Spend a couple of days there.


Maybe don’t stay here, though. That one’s a little creepy.



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