The Castle


You can’t miss Castelo de Sao Jorge proudly standing guard over Lisbon’s hills.


I believe it was originally built to guard the city against sea attacks.


The grounds are a fun area to explore, and you can walk up and along the various ruins of the great castle.


It provides panoramic views of the city.


Our rental apartment was just a few blocks down the hill from the castle, so we walked up there both days we were in Lisbon, though we only paid the entrance fee once. There are also a few cute shops near the entrance and one place with some delicious gelato.


The castle is known for the peacocks that roam the grounds, and yep, they were right there.

Untitled (click over for the full view)

We chose a gorgeous spring afternoon to see the castle, and we spent quite a while out on one of the escape tower extensions, enjoying the views, the sunshine and the brisk breezes.

But as with all good things, it was finally time to go.



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