Alfama – La Alma


For our few days in Lisbon, we stayed in the Alfama neighborhood. My husband had been to Lisbon before, and he was all about Alfama. Me, I didn’t know what to expect.


I was SO GLAD we took his advice, because Alfama was fabulous.


The neighborhood is built onto one of the hills overlooking the river, and because of it’s location, it survived a major earthquake and fire (1755) that destroyed most of the city. Alfama survived, and thus retains the oldest historical character in the city.


We stayed at the Hello Lisbon serviced apartments. These are highly, highly recommended.


I’m not much of a hotel person, but give me a little studio apartment in the heart of a neighborhood with charming features, a totally remodeled interior, a kitchenette, detailed instructions on everything and… gourmet breakfast delivered to the door? I’m a very happy camper.


I’m kicking myself for not taking photos of the apartment, but I loved it. We stayed at the Castelo apartments, and one of the trolley lines ran right outside our door.


We also walked up to the Castelo twice. Once to explore the neighborhood and once to visit the Castelo at sunset.


The first evening we simply stepped out our door and wove our way down through the ancient streets.


We had views of the river from many lookouts and I was charmed by paint-peeled doorways, potted plants and balconies at every turn. Not to mention the tile.


Oh, the tile.


Let’s just I came home with some. In a padded cardboard box, that my lovely husband hand-carried. Stay tuned for our fireplace makeover. (Don’t hold your breath. I expect it will take place in 2017.)


We found this tile shop that specializes in reproduction historic tiles.


You’ll have to hold your breath to discover which one of these beauties we came home with.


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