Bucket List: Terracotta Warriors


I’m sure I first learned about these ancient warriors in some social studies class. For some reason, they stuck in my memory.


I never really expected to see them in person, but when we found we had an extra day in Xian, it quickly made our agenda.



I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t a large covered warehouse. In fact, I think I always pictured them in a cave, for some reason. But instead, there are pits of unearthed clay warriors, poised and ready for the afterlife.


And for whatever reason, I didn’t expect this great expanse of museum grounds.


But the thing I learned about China is that they like to do it up grand. The train stations are always cavernous. So it makes sense that a museum dedicated to this key part of their history would be expansive, too.


The detail is amazing. Each armor panel and hair bun are a little different.


I was thankful we were there in January, when the crowds were thin and we could really see. Most of the other tourists were Chinese, which was interesting.


Check one off the bucket list, I guess!



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