Ten years ago, I married this dude.

We drove to Mexico for the honeymoon, but one thing FP always talked about was going back to visit Portugal. He’d been, I hadn’t, and he always said he’d love to show it to me. So I made a mental note to make it happen for our 10th anniversary.

Fast forward 9.75 years, we were planning to visit the relatives in Holland. And I realize: time to make Portugal happen. We brought the kids to Holland, let them hang out with the grandparents and cousins, and then squeezed out five days in Portugal. Technically it was a couple of months early, but whatever.


Lisbon was amazing.


Who is surprised? Exactly no one.


Old streets, picturesque corners everywhere you turn.


We stayed in Alfama, on my husband’s recommendation.




After a while, though, I was almost on overload because every view was so amazing.


More to come on Portugal, obviously, but suffice it to say, life has been one grand adventure with this one. I’d marry him again.



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