Monte, I See You!

IMG_4424 They say, “When in Buenos Aires, pop over to Uruguay.” IMG_4450 Actually, no one says that. But when I found out Uruguay was a mere ferry ride across the bay/Rio de la Plata, and that I had friends/relatives living in Montevideo, I was on it. IMG_4444

My dad spent a year living in Uruguay as a kid, and for some reason I felt like I was filling in the details of his childhood by visiting. Untitled

My grandma always told us how her year in Uruguay was one of the loneliest of her life. And then they moved to Brasil to manage a radio station and my dad discovered the Beatles, so I guess it was all worth it. IMG_4436

The truly great thing about this situation is that we got to see a couple that I went to school with, and they got to show us their city. IMG_4426 Technically, we’re kind of related, because he’s my brother-in-law’s brother. IMG_4435

But I knew the wife better back in school. We were in The Sound of Music together.IMG_4431

I loved experiencing the city with a family that lives there, because we go to experience the rhythm of life.


Kids go to bed late, dinner is late, and the dulce de leche flows. IMG_4418

And you can eat their recommended dishes and visit their recommended restaurants. IMG_4379

Eat this, every time. #churrascolikeitshouldbe Untitled

We walked down from the city center to the dock/open air market place. IMG_4422

We’d elected to eat lunch at the historical Cafe Brasilero, but by the time we hit the docks, I was seriously regretting our choice.

All the fresh grilled meat you could choose from.


But it was a fun practice to see every thing and practice my guerrilla photography.


I love catching people in the moment, enjoying life, but I’m not skilled enough to work my camera quite fast enough. So they usually end up not quite focused or framed right.


But these turned out pretty well, and I’m so glad we popped over to Uruguay!


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