Boise Highlights


The river walk, except, don’t stinking wear cute little cloth slip-on shoes! You will be freezing the entire time and regret your entire life. IMG_4965

Grandma the kindergarten teacher practicing on the cousins.

IMG_4970 Grandpa soaking in the cuddles, before sitting them in front of the TV so he could get some peace and quiet.


Mom, can I eat this?


Gingerbread houses and #candyoverload.


Ye olde snowball fight.


Sweet E.


And sweet cousins.


And it’s a cliche, but Christmas is SO MUCH more fun with kids around. They get so excited!


And then there’s my grandma, who we never know if we’ll see again each time we leave.


And the awkward attempt to get a good family photo.


One thought on “Boise Highlights

  1. Good photos! Those two girls are too sweet. I like the one of you and J with his gingerbread house and the in motion feel of Nate ducking the snowball from J.

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