How to DO Halloween


This happened.

(Cute, color-coordinated costumes credit goes all to my mom, who hit the stores on Nov. 1 last year to score big for my kids me.)


We trick or treated around our neighborhood. It was great, because there’s no other time when it’s culturally acceptable to walk up to someone’s home and ring the doorbell for no reason. (Unless you’re a salesperson, in which case no one wants you around, anyway.)


In this, our second year knocking on the doors right next to us, it was fun to talk to neighbors who we rarely see, even though they live right down the street.


J was so excited about it, because he truly “got it” this year, that if he’d ring the doorbell of houses that had their lights on, that someone would come to the door and hand him candy. R was kind of freaked about about it, but was still more than happy to keep taking candy after candy out of the bowls.


And finally, my silly pumpkin won a contest! We got a commendation for our use of power tools. Go us.


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