Cafe Culture


We Americans have totally lost the linger and chat vibe in our culture. 1) We have things to do, and 2) the restaurants don’t want us hanging around anyway, because they want to fill the table with new customers and make more money.

I reflected on this this morning in church, as I watched people clutch Styrofoam coffee cups in hand. We drink our coffee as we’re doing something, as a means to an end, rather than sitting. Drinking. Savoring.

Nope, we’re always in a hurry, always multi-tasking.

In Buenos Aires, there were cafes on nearly every corner, where people sat. And talked. Read newspapers. Smoked. And stared into the nothing. But mostly it was a social thing, with two or three friends discussing politics or entertainment.

And the servers are in no hurry to move anyone along.


We, on the other hand, have drive-throughs in our coffee shops.


2 thoughts on “Cafe Culture

  1. Here in Melbourne we have a cafe culture that loves people to stay and drink more coffee! The food is great, the coffee is amazing and the vibe is relaxing! Even at my church we have a cafe and styrofoam cups are a no no haha

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