Breathing the Good Winds of Buenos Aires


We did something this summer that we’d long dreamed about.


It took some creative scheduling, some pooling of air miles and hotel points, and one mom/grandma who was willing to donate a week of her life to hang out in Hot-lahoma with the grandkids.


I don’t know about her, but it was SO WORTH IT.


We spent five nights and six days in and around Buenos Aires, with a side trip to Montevideo, Uruguay. Argentina was appealing because it’s so different from the rest of South America (I’ve spent time in Ecuador, where I grew up, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Guyana; so those were my experiences). I also had two other pulls to the nation of cowboys and tango: my dad lived in the area for a while as a kid, and my brother-in-law grew up there. And of course, when I suggest a new adventure, my husband is always up for it.


When I found out that Montevideo was just a two hour boat trip away, I knew we had to hop over there, too. My brother-in-law’s brother lives there. I went to high school with both him and his wife, so we took the opportunity to see them and visit Uruguay.

June isn’t the ideal time to visit; it’s starting into winter for them, so the weather can be cool and rainy. But for us, a few days in 50 and 60 degree weather was a refreshing change from Oklahoma summer.


We walked a ton, and nearly everywhere in the downtown area offers gorgeous architecture.


We also took the subway a bunch, which made me feel like such a local. It costs 4 pesos a trip, much less than 50 cents (using the unofficial – but widely used – exchange rate.)


The first day we got on right at rush hour, which was a fun adventure, during which I tried to teach FP my Latin American street smarts for not getting pick pocketed in a crowd.


So our itinerary went like this:
Arrive Friday morning, 9 a.m., commence city tour with private taxi
Three nights in Constitucion neighborhood (right by San Telmo)
Travel to Montevideo with a half a day stop in Colonial (Uruguay World Heritage site)
Stay one night Montevideo, return to Buenos Aires
Stay one last night in el Centro, right on the Obelisco
Spend the next day touring it up, and head to the airport for our night flight home!


At that point, we were more than ready to see the tiny cuties who direct every moment of our lives.

More to come later!


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