Making Arabic Bread


As you know, food is a highly critical element of any successful adventure. And after a day hiking in the cedars, lunch is essential. So when one finds to urge, one asks the taxi driver to pull over in front of someone’s house, where the lady of the house and her mother are making Arabic bread-khebez aarabeh-on the side of the road over a curious type of griddle.

Which, of course, I had to document. For the sake of science. And food, and stuff.



The sandwiches created with this bread were amazing. She had a bunch of different kinds of fillings with mostly all included labneh, the thick yogurt-like spread so common in Lebanese cooking. I wish I would have taken pictures of the finished sandwich, but nope. Was too busy eating.


I inquired about the dough used for the bread, and the lady told me it was just regular dough like you would use for pizza. so there’s that. It shouldn’t be too hard to replicate, save for the ocular griddle, right?

I took video of the process, and I’m so sorry for the screeching of the woman in the background. (But they paid for lunch! No complaining here.) I had a hard enough time just getting the video to upload, let alone any editing.

There you go: knead, pat, stretch, rest, cook, fill and serve. How to make a sandwich with Arabic bread in Lebanon.


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