Easter Miracle

Two years ago, I took a photography class at the local community college. I wanted to learn to use my camera, and I wanted to get better at taking photos of my (at the time only one) kid.

The teacher’s advice on photographing kids? She uses the sport setting to shoot her dogs. That was it.

Fast-forward two years and one kid later, just try getting a good photo of the two of them together, especially now that the 4-year-old isn’t into getting his photo taken and the 1-year-old is BUSY.

Behold, I show you this:

It was an Easter miracle. Now, that pose on the right wasn’t what I was going for, and I cropped off their feet but look! They’re both looking at the camera and have pleasant looks on their faces.

We were trying to recreate this from last year:


That… did not go so well. They weren’t into it. (Also my tulips hadn’t bloomed yet!)


So we tried another pose.


Which was quickly met with disdain.


Some people simply did not want to be photographed.


And some people were busy.


So we sent them off on a walk in the neighbor’s yard.


Which, predictably, did not go well.


More cheese:


Some sweetness:


And the moral of the story is: at least I got one decent one. But really? Sports setting? Someone does not know anything about children.

And at least they love each other.



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