We Are Those People


We’ve had a virtually snow-less winter here in Oklahoma – that is – until February. In the past four weeks, it’s snowed two and three times a week. Once again today the kids were off school due to cold and sleet.

So it seemed like a good time to dig back into photos from one very fine January day, when my kids were out in the front yard pretty much naked.

Yeah, we’re those neighbors.

Remember when we did this?

That piece of art has hung above our living room couch for four years. I’m sure that Emily Henderson wouldn’t approve. But you know? It’s one of the things people often comment on when they come into the room.

And then we had a second kid and felt like we had to create memories for her, too.

Poor second child.


Canvas + baby + stripped to the diaper + paint seems to be the magic formula for me.


I actually like the way hers turned out better. I prepped the canvas by painting a background color, which made the other colors pop more.


And big brother had to get in on that action, obviously.


While I was distracting the kids with paint, the husband was inside, ripping out our Ardex faux concrete counters (R.I.P.) in preparation for the new counter to come.

Eventually, they both lost interest in painting and became much more interested in throwing the paint bottles around.


And, as all pinterest-worthy activities must, things came to a glorious, whining end.



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