El Galeon #FloridaForChristmas


My dad commented the other day that he was sensing a theme in my photos – grumpy kid #1. And looking at these photos of our trip to the replica Spanish sailing ship, the theme sticks.


All of us were happy, except for the kid in yellow. It must be a 4 years old thing. Or a he-was-sick-the-whole-time thing.


At least we had one who was pleasant, although, sheesh! She is already demonstrating a strong will and a desire to have her way all the time. I didn’t realize one-year-olds would throw fits, but she does.


The Galeon is a 1 to 1 replica of the Spanish merchant ships that sailed the seas in the 16th century, at the time when St. Augustine, the oldest continuously-inhabited city in the US, was founded.


It is based in St. Augustine for several months and open for tours. Since my husband and I lived on a ship for a couple of years, we were interested to check it out.


I’ll be honest, though, my favorite part was listening to the Spanish crew members talk to each other with their Spanish accents. But I didn’t take pictures of them, because that would be creepy.



From the ship you have expansive views of the harbor, the bridge of Lions (which is a drawbridge! Exciting for little boys, even grumpy ones) and the history downtown with Flagler College towers.


It was chilly out on the water, but nothing compared to the single digit temps we’d be experiencing just days later back in Oklahoma.



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