What’s Cooking in my Kitchen: Brown Butter Baked Donuts


You may remember that my sister lives in Ecuador. She also has a food blog, and totally eggs me on in these baking endeavors.


A few weeks ago, she asked me to borrow a friend’s donut pan and investigate the process of making baked donuts. My friend, this was a mission I would happily accept.


I started with this recipe for Brown Butter Baked Donuts.


They came together quickly and easily. They smelled heavenly.

And I ate three.


But in the end, baked donuts still aren’t… donuts, you know? Good, but not right. Good if you don’t expect a donut.


However, I’ve still got the pans, so I’ll give it another try. You know, for science. And research. And in the name of being thorough. Ahem.


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