Pallet Gardening

My how-to pallet garden post always gets hits in the spring. Three years later, my pallet full of dirt is still going strong.


Last year I moved it to a new spot near our deck. It seems to get enough light there and is easier to water.


My basil plants got HUGE last summer.

Here’s what we’ve got going on this year: two basils, thyme, mint, sage and chives. I’ve got lavender, too, but I haven’t planted it yet, so it might not happen.


The sage, chives and mint all came back from last year, even though we had a really cold winter and I didn’t do anything to help them.

This year, I’m trying a sprinkler instead of a soaker hose. My soaker hose worked well, but after just a year, it was full of holes, and I hated to buy a new one. We’ll see if this cheap green ring lasts. I know the little boy loves jumping around in it!

Here’s to another year with fresh herbs!


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