Snow Day


My parents were here for two weeks over Christmas.


It was a great time of hanging out together, eating, reading and watching my mom and dad play with the 3-year-old. And the timing ended up being perfect: mechanical difficulties caused them to be stranded in Salt Lake for a night on the way here, so the airline re-booked their return flight for free, and they were able to be here two extra days.


They were here for a week, we celebrated Christmas and all that fanfare, and then the baby came Dec. 29, giving them exactly one more week to dote on her (and for my mom to stock my freezer with meals!)


The day after they left, we were hit with a snowstorm, and school was canceled the following Monday and Tuesday. But that Sunday afternoon was full of fun. I left the newborn napping inside before venturing out to snap a few shots of this cute father and son duo.


Whoever lived in our house before us left the most random things: four black salad plates that happen to match my dishes nearly exactly, a toy vacuum, a toy golf club set, and this sled. It’s like we were meant to live here.



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