Pumpkin Party


A few weeks ago, I got in my head that I needed to have a pumpkin party. I never used to be that into fall, but these days, the cooler nights and usually warm days are just my thing. I used to feel depressed thinking about the coming winter, now I just enjoy the time of year I really feel like being outside.

We invited over some of the kiddo’s little buddies. My assistant chef helped me prepare the party favors.


He was excellent at pushing in the wooden skewers.

Which resulted in these:


Dark caramel covered honey crisp apples rolled in Speculas. Very fall flavors.


The apples looked super cute, but in the end, none of the kids really loved them because the caramel was too dark for their taste. For mine, however… I enjoyed every bite of my kid’s apple.


For the first event of the evening, we hit the pumpkin patch with the amigos.



A beautiful pictures of a sweet girl, with my kid in the background, kicking pumpkins and probably pinching people.



He did not nap that day and was really crabby, despite the photographic appearance. (Bribery with candy worked… some.)


Well, there was this one:


Too bad about the tongue in this image. I like everything else about it.


And after a little “talk” with dad, he cheered up and there was some fun to be had.



And this sweet, spontaneous moment. (I hope he’s this sweet with his sister!)


And some sharing with his friend.



After the pumpkin patch, we headed home to paint in the backyard.



And of course, 10 minutes of painting ended like this:


Despite the kid’s lack of a shirt, it wasn’t particularly warm. But when you are three, and there is sand and friends to be had, I guess it doesn’t matter.

After that, I quit taking photos. But it ended up being a lovely evening shared with friends over two pots of soup. And as it always happens, the girls ended up in one room, with the guys in the other, the kids playing in the sun room, having an absolute ball. I’m so thankful for a house where we can do that!

So was it a pumpkin party, or a soup party? Or maybe just an all around great fall party with friends.


One thought on “Pumpkin Party

  1. enjoyed the pictures and commentary. Keeping you in my prayers, I’m sure you are looking forward to the end Love, Granpa

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