Shades of Gray: not *that* Grey, silly!

I’ve DIY’d Roman shades in a couple of ways for this 19-window house. It was filled with those horrid mini-blinds, which I promptly ripped down and threw away, preferring to live coverless, than with those dusty, perpetually broken things.

Well, let’s just say that now I’m regretting that move.

I’d seen this tutorial when researching Roman shades before, but dismissed it as… Well, it just didn’t seem like it would work well. But I saw it again recently, and remembering all the bent back hours I spent on my sewing machine with the other two versions I’d tried. I decided to give it a whirl, and I’m so glad I did.

It’s easy, works well, and is pretty cheap, especially if you aren’t a knucklehead like me and threw yours out. I spent $8.88/mini-blind on new ones at Lowe’s. That plus the cost of fabric is all you need.

This is how it works.

Cut the ‘ladder’ holding the blinds together, but don’t cut the middle cord! That’s what you need.


Pop out the bottom pieces to fully detach the ladder cords, and toss ’em. Pull the center cords out of the bottom here. Measure your window and cut these to length. My window was 39 inches tall. Measure from the top of the mini-blind, cut the cords and tie them to length.


You’ll be left with a bunch of this.


Measure and cut your fabric. Leave and inch around the edges and iron it flat.



Here’s what I did differently than the other tutorial. I added light-blocking fabric on the back. I tucked it in my ironed down hems for a clean look and attached it with iron-on hem tape.


Pull off all the extra blinds but the 4 or 5 you’ll need. I chose to space my blinds 8 inches apart, so I kept 5.


Glue those babies down.


Then comes the hardest part: wait for everything to dry. Meanwhile, install the blind brackets if you don’t already have them there.



I can use them half up, or all the way up, like this.


They work great and I just might have to use this technique… Everywhere.

Moral of the story: be ye not like me.


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