A Bit of Fashion Advice

Here’s a bit of fashion advice from me to you:


If you are ever in the Old City of Jerusalem and think, “Oh, those camel leather sandals are so cute. What a practical souvenir that I will wear all the time!” Don’t do it. Don’t spend the $26 shekels. You’ll regret it. Just remember that OTHER time when you bought those super-cute green and bead-embellished camel leather slippers in Dubai’s old city. Those flats ended up being THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE SHOES IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. And I have a lot of shoes. The sandals, which you so foolishly couldn’t possibly hurt your feet because they have “barely any surface area!” and “nothing uncomfortable in between my toes!” and “custom fit because the guy will make me another buckle hole”, will totally leave a deep sore in the left side of your left foot that will take weeks to heal and leave a scar.

Camel leather: you and I are no longer friends.


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