Secret Spaces in the Church of the Nativity


We all remember how thrilled I get when I feel like I get an exclusive, inside sight into something, right?


Well, the Church of the Nativity was no different.


We saw the church, previewed the historic door with three successive architectural changes designed to keep enemies and unwanteds out, peered down into the Grotto where the monks were worshiping, etc.


But then our guide (a friend of a friend who met us there for free!) took us into the cathedral next door, and down into a winding cave adjacent to the Holy Sepulcher.


And though we hadn’t been able go into the Grotto, the cave where Christ was supposedly born, instead we got to peak through a hole in a wooden door and watch the monks singing and waving incense in what to them, was a very holy place. It felt very cool and exclusive.


Look, if you’ve done it, too, don’t tell me!


Just let me pretend I’m the only one.



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