And Now For a Public Service Announcement


I’m just going to put it out there: I think banana leaves are cool. So put me in a grove to kill for an hour and I was happy shooting photos.


The property that I grew up on as a kid had banana trees planted in one corner, and I loved finding the banana bud and picking it apart to find the miniature banana flowers inside. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I never saw anyone actually harvesting stalks of bananas from those trees…


And to keep you fully up on your banana trivia, I heard the other day that the bananas commonly sold in the US are the least healthy variety around. They were chosen because they were easy to peel, and became popular all over.


And they’re mainly full of sugar and none of the protein-rich nutrients that other red- and orange-skinned versions eaten around the world. (I wonder if this includes green-skinned plantains? Because grilled plantain… Mmmmmm.) This is according to come nutritionist-type I was hearing interviewed on the radio. Leave it to us Americans to be able to choose the least-healthy version of a fruit as our preference.


And in other banana-news, banana leaves are fire-retardant. That’s why they make great wrapping material for grilled food. I always thought it was done for flavor, but apparently there are other properties as well. Maybe we should start planting banana trees in California and Colorado.


So hats off to bananas, and may you never look at one the same again.



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