A Little More Vietnam, and Then We’re Done


No trip to Asia is complete without a trip to the market.

Why? Because it’s so disgustingly gratifying to comfort ourselves with the fact that we don’t eat that. Or maybe YOU do.

See all the orange piles in the photo above? Yep. That’s shrimp. Dried shrimp. Used as a condiment and seasoning all over South Asia. And this market had all kinds and sizes.


Lots of veggies, too, and a cool-looking old lady who did not want me to take her photo. Shame.


This dude on the left, on the other hand, saw me taking a photo of his checkers playing buddies and so he hopped in the frame. Which made me self-consciously shoot a blurry photo and give up.

These guys were manning stalls on the upper section of the market, which sold square meters upon square meters of clothing, shoes and household goods like pots and pans. I could have bought a lot of shoes, but I remembered my suitcase size.


Most of the food was downstairs and outside, including these guys:


Oh yes, those are live eels, just waiting for the taking, and, I suppose, the tossing into your cooking pot? Not sure, as I’m not really a big live eel eater. Ever.

So there you are, your brief tour of the market. I didn’t even bring my camera to the huge market in Ho Chi Minh. My hands were way too busy holding and bargaining over coffee beans, embroidered toiletry bags and bamboo bowls. As well as avoiding the large glass vial of weird Vietnamese liquor with a preserved scorpion floating in it that my friend bought. Apparently older Vietnamese people take it like medicine. **Shudder.**


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