This is How I Spend My Weekends

Every once in a while I hop on Craigslist looking for a second dresser for my bedroom. So far I haven’t had any luck finding exactly what I’m looking for, but several weeks ago I found one that caught my eye. Only it wasn’t for the bedroom. This one would make an excellent media console. I didn’t need one, but it looked like a fun project, and at $75, the price was right.

These days my husband is really into running races, so after competing in a 10k nearby, he swung by and picked up the dresser.

Our old Craftsman electric sander was on its last legs and had never been really great anyway, so we upgraded to a DeWalt. I started sanding halfheartedly. It made the job easier, but there was still elbow grease required. Sanding is the part of any project that I loathe. But it had to be done.

Thankfully, I married well. While I was inside working on lunch, my husband finished sanding the big surfaces and started hand-sanding all the crevices. By late afternoon, he was done.

After that it was up to me to stain and varnish. About eight coats later, she was ready for action.

What do you think?



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