All the Mushrooms You Can Eat

You know what food I really dislike? Mushrooms.

They’re slimy and taste like dirt.

I also have a hard time saying no, as well as not wanting to offend. So when our host offered to take us to an amazing mushroom restaurant, I said yes. I figured I’d order something besides mushrooms and choke down a couple to be polite.

We walked in. The smell of mushrooms hits immediately as you walk in the door.

We sat down and were presented with the menu. Let me show you what I saw:


Yeah, my plan to order something else? Thrown out the window.


So the deal is, you order a broth, then choose mushroom varieties, vegetables and protein to add to your broth. It’s heated on a propane burner in the center of the table and ladled out by kamikaze waitresses who do NOT let you server yourself, thus obliterating your plan to avoid mushrooms and eat mostly mushroom broth and vegetables.


They told us to order nine kinds of mushrooms. Nine? Did you even know there were nine kinds of mushrooms? I really got in to it. I picked based on the pictures. Big ones, little ones, white ones, brown ones and ones that looked like delicate snails. And then, just to top it all off, our host suggested eel as our protein. Remember me, the non-confrontational one? I said, “Sure! Sounds great!”

And there I sat, steaming bowl of mushrooms and eel set before with, with an eager waitress who kept spooning in more…


It was a memorable meal.

Hey, you like mushrooms? I know a great place in Ho Chi Minh City…


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