We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming for a Brief Trip to Galveston


It’s a smart thing to have smart friends. That way, when your friends find cheap tickets to the beach and suggest you go over Memorial Day week, you can join them. Also, your friends will probably do all the research and work to find a condo on the beach and rent a car. That way, all you have to do is sit on the couch, eat M ‘n Ms and tell jokes.


(And drink milk, if you’re this guy.) (Hello, farmer’s tan in the back! Ha ha. He doesn’t know I’m posting this.)

I have such friends. And this advantageous relationship led to our spending five days last week in Galveston, Texas.

What do I know about Galveston? Not a whole lot. There was a hurricane there in 2008 that devastated the island, and another one of my smart friends went down to help do clean-up. (Smart, and giving, too!)

But, it’s a beach, and it’s close to Oklahoma. And I love the beach.


Now, my expectations weren’t high. I grew up going to the beach at least once a year in South America, and I lived in the Caribbean for nine months. I’ve lived in Florida near the beach, too. All I needed was a small space of sand and some waves.

Galveston delivered. Granted, the beaches were crowded over the weekend and on the actual Memorial Day, but the rest of the week it was a sleepy little town. We enjoyed the beach, the pool, and exploring Galveston’s eating options. With a two-year-old in tow, we didn’t do much activity-wise, but we swam, dug in the sand, and just relaxed. It was perfect.

You know what is at the beach? Sand. And wind. And therefore? I didn’t take my camera out much. So I can’t offer much in the way of pictures.


And yes, it is Texas. I was surprised every time when a waitress or clerk said, “Ya’ll.” Guess Deborah’s going to have to beat it into me.

One thought on “We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming for a Brief Trip to Galveston

  1. You ain’t seen nothin’ with that Farmer’s tan! Try Nate: I coach outside all day in a city that puts me 2 miles closer to the sun. The back of his neck is RIDICULOUS! We’ll have to show it off in MX pics 🙂

    I never realized Galveston is an island. And I’m glad that it sounds like it was nice and relaxing. I love sand + toddlers!

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