Wherein I Get Expressive About Wood


After we bought our house, we didn’t move in for a month. It was a short-sale, problem house, so it had been vacant for a year and showing its age. My husband replaced the water heater (go tankless!), the double oven, the kitchen ceiling (or is it replacing if there wasn’t one?), worked on the plumbing problems that led to the lack of the kitchen ceiling, had the furnace redone, replaced the garage door opener, rebuilt the cabinet space around the oven and fridge, and probably a bunch of other things I’ve forgotten. Oh, replaced the light in the dining room and installed can lights in the kitchen. Oh, and replaced the electrical panel. I… did most of the packing at the other house. Before we moved in, though, we had the wood floors refinished. But we could only afford to do the ground floor (after all that other work!), so we left the upstairs until later.


I feared that day might never come, but friends, that day was this month and May. We cleaned out one upstairs bedroom after Christmas in order to remove the texture on the ceiling. That led to vent replacement, fan replacement, trim painting, closet door resurfacing and baseboard replacing. So I thought, as long as the room is empty, we’d get the floors done.



My awesome DIY helper helped me clear the room to get ready.


Need this, mama?


So our guy came, and he sanded.


Original floors to the right, clean-sanded to the left.


Based on my extensive knowledge of wood, I’d say this is red oak. #totallymadethatup

When we go on vacation in May, we’ll move the furniture into this room, and have the other two upstairs rooms done.



And, le finished:


Rich, warm wood with a beautiful grain.

And the kid totally put scratches in it on Saturday. Awesome.


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