Last weekend we took a quick, three-day jaunt to Dallas.

We had a three-day weekend, and I wanted to take advantage of it to explore.


I thought I was going to be grounded in town, since my husband had signed up to sign a 10k race on Saturday, but on Wednesday, he suddenly decided he’d skip it and take us on an adventure. He emailed me our hotel reservation on Wednesday morning with a note that said, “Do your research.”


I didn’t get around to it until Thursday night, and I found a charming little place called the Texas Fire Museum that seemed perfect for our 2-year-old. The website was very basic and I couldn’t even find their opening hours on there. But they had a link to their Facebook page, where I found their hours (10-2, Thursday through Saturday), but I wondered if they’d close for the holiday weekend. I posted a note and within an hour had a friendly message assuring us that they’d be there at 10.


In the meantime, I found out my Idaho-living parents would be in Dallas… on the same day. They’d been in Texas over spring break, but because they’d been in San Antonio/Austin, I thought they’d have flown in and out of Houston. Nope, Dallas it was. So we cooked up a plan to meet for a couple of hours on Saturday morning… right in time for the Fire Museum.


I’m pretty sure my dad didn’t think it was that great of an idea. He’s not that into museums. But having seen the website, I knew it wasn’t going to be museum-y. So with the lure of his grandkid, my mom and dad met us at the museum. We got there at 9. I’m not sure what we thought we were going to do in a somewhat-tired neighborhood of old Dallas for a whole hour, but it worked out. There was a functioning firehouse next door, and two of the firemen took us in for a tour around the fire house. (Are firemen required to be friendly?) These guys were super nice. That was enough to get the two-year-old over some of the shyness.


When it was time for the Fire Museum to open, we wandered through the open garage door and met a nice guy who seemed to be waiting for us. And that’s pretty much was the museum is: a big garage. Most of the rigs in there are privately owned by former firemen or just guys who are really in to firetrucks. Most of them are in the process of being restored, and a couple of them are rented out for parades and parties. Guys were there working on their rigs as we toured. Our awesome guide, who I think was named “Antonio”, patiently walked us around and let us touch and climb on everything. Very relaxed and perfect for the little boy. The grandparents doted, while I learned more that I ever thought I’d need to know about fire trucks.


Antonio even waited around for a quick cheese stick break.


A little boy’s hand’s can get quite grimy after touching fire trucks in a dusty garage for an hour. So grimy that the cheese stick might turn black.


So don’t expect fancy, but the Texas Fire Museum is recommended for if you have a fire truck fanatic like I do.



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