Seventeen Days

January 2005 161

What do you do while stuck on a ship for 17 days crossing the Atlantic ocean from the Caribbean to Africa going a mere 11 knots?

Sailing_3643 Bell (Aus)

January 2005 163

A lot of weird stuff, as it turns out.

Your guy friends might set up a fun dinner on one of the decks for you and some of the girls.

January 2005 162

January 2005 171

And then you might have to pretend you are like Charlie’s Angels.

January 2005 167

Or maybe on another night you and a bunch of Mexican chicks dress up as Koreans.

January 2005 174

No reason.

And you might get the Welsh guy to join you.

January 2005 175

Probably mostly just because you both were being fake Asians.

You might stumble on a group of deckies (those who maintained the outside of the ship… aka the deck” in the kitchen around midnight making… who knows what, other than a big mess.

January 2005 197

January 2005 198

And then, when you are totally over being stuck on a boat for SEVENTEEN days in the row, you’ll even stoop to making Christmas bows. Because you’re so bored and tired of being on a ship for SEVENTEEN DAYS in a row.

Sailing_3523 Decorating for Christmas

And then to cap things off, the chef might set up the grills on the aft deck and make barbecue for 200 people. It it would be SO SWEET.

Sailing_3512 Barbeque

And it might almost be worth being stuck on a sailing ship for 17 days IN A ROW.

Sailing_3527 Lifeboat & sunset


Sailing_3520 Lifebuoy


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