My Old Friend

St.Vin_2981 Kingstown, St. Vincent

This was my home for more than two years. I could see that string of lights almost anywhere and instantly know that my space was right beneath it.

St.Vin_2388 Clayton (SA) on the foredeck

There was a lot of hard work and hot days.

But the experience of living and working with people from more than 45 different countries will stay with me as long as I live.

Rachel, US; George, Sudan; me, SuKim, Malaysia; Donovan, Singapore.
January 2005 068
Mabel, Chile; Christian, Chile; Claudia, Venezuela; Juan, Colombia and yo. Latinos represent.

January 2005 066

Mabel, from Chile, was my cabinmate for 8 months. We had the only cabin decked out with paint on the whole ship. Even then I was painting!

July6 186
Please ignore whatever silly thing I’m doing in that photo and observe the green-ness that was our closets and bunk bed. Try to hold back your jealousy.

To obtain this particularly awful shade of green, I had to get my friend, the head deck keeper, to give me paint. There was no Lowe’s on the ship. There was black, while, gray, red, yellow and blue to choose from. So, I made do with what there was.


Tammy (left), from Trinidad, was my cabinmate for a year. We lived on the D deck… the hottest deck on the ship. Even chocolate bars melted in our cabin. When my parents came to visit in Barbados, they felt so sorry for me that they bought me a fan. And Tiana (right) was my buddy from the instant we met during recruiting. We were together through all the training and through all 26 months afterward.

I’m sorting through old pictures, so there’s more of these to come. Walk with me down nostalgia lane while we sail on my old friend.

Gren_3045 Sailing into Grenada


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