Sometimes Things are Cliches for a Reason

July6 191

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, let’s take a quick trip to Ireland, via my old photos from 2005.

July6 157

These were pre-fancy camera days.

July6 155

Some of these were taken at Blarney castle, but the rest were just anywhere we could get on a bus during our days off. We were docked in Cork, Ireland in the south, but with the bus lines we were pretty free to get where we needed to go.

July6 153

And since it was Ireland, there were plenty of old castles to hop off and explore.

July6 168

When we first landed, we were coming in from Africa, and we were eager to get off and both explore and take advantage of the shopping that we’d been missing for almost a year. However, certain nationalities of our crew didn’t yet have the proper visas, so they had to stay on board until the paperwork got sorted out.

July6 162

That first evening, I felt a little bit bad as we left the quayside, freshly showered, jackets on against the chill to check out Cork’s city center. But not bad enough to keep my Filipino friends company on board.

July6 163

So there’s some thing about kissing the Blarney stone and getting good luck.

July6 167

But I was DEFINITELY not kissing some rock that thousands of other people had just wiped spit on.

July6 160

And yep, it was green, green, green everywhere.

July6 170

July6 171

We spent many an hour just wandering the grounds of some castle or which ever town center we found ourselves in.

July6 179

July6 180

This man was a good partner in crime–always up for an adventure off the beaten path.

July6 188

It must run in the family, because when his brother was on board the year before, we had great adventures in Latin America.

July6 192

The castles are starting to get boring, right?

July6 216

So let’s find an old church with a graveyard instead.

July6 216

Or maybe a cavern.



Or just a windy road.

July6 219

Maybe climb a tree, then.


Ok, fine. Another castle.


And another village center.


And pretty soon, it was time to head out.


We said our good-byes to Cork and made our way down the chilly channel, headed for their larger neighbor to the east.



And instead of washing dishes like we were supposed to…




In conclusion…

They’re not just saying Ireland is green. It really is. And there are lots of castles and old stuff. Don’t be mean, but if your friends can’t leave the ship, do it anyway. And finally… don’t drop the camera while slacking off taking pictures out the dish room port holes!


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