You Might Be a Runner…

My husband has a new hobby. And that hobby is running. He generally gets into phases that slowly move by, but this one seems to be sticking.

Over Christmas, he convinced my brother-in-law to run a 10k with him. Then he wheedled me into doing the 5k portion of it, and finally, my sister jumped on the family-sport-activity bandwagon.


It was Idaho. In December. It was cold. What kind of crazy hobby is this?


But we did it. I think it was a fundraiser for the Boise YMCA. I was terribly sick, and if my sister hadn’t been there egging me along for those last steps, I would have quit. My chest was burning and my legs were like lead.


We ate hot soup and drank cold chocolate milk while waiting for the guys. When it was over, Nate swore off running for good, though he beat all of us with a great time.


Then, two days before the event, we ran into some local friends who told us about a race they were planning to run. My husband practically started salivating, and I needed a redo after that terrible YMCA race. So we signed up, along with my sister, who I think was bitten by the bug.

Guess what the race was called? THE HOT CHOCOLATE RACE. And you know what? BEST RACE EVER. Why? because at the finish line there was free hot chocolate with tons of mix-ins, along with homemade cookies, brownies, etc.


We had to drive to Eagle to find the race, and it was supersupersuper chilly. Like, couldn’t feel my toes until after the first mile and a half. And you know what? Running clothes are not particularly warm.

But like I said: BEST RACE EVER.


2 thoughts on “You Might Be a Runner…

  1. Homemade treats at the end was THE best! And thanks for your hot chocolate which I overloaded with too many mixins, creating an undrinkable drink!

  2. This brought back unpleasant memories of running on the Prairie Path. I HATED running then and I still hate it now. I’m rather impressed that you not only volunteered to run, but did so in freezing cold weather. Hats off to you, missy.

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