Curtain Time

I just spent an abnormal amount of time in my bathroom, taking pictures.

I did a little mini makeover on the basement bathroom in January and February. Mostly it involved cleaning and painting, but also removing an old mirror and replacing the light fixture.

The ceiling in the basement is a typical, low ceiling for the space, so we had to find the perfect fixture that would fit the existing box. This was the one that was there originally:


I made do for a while by taking that down, cleaning it well then spray painting the fake gold with metallic silver paint, but let’s face it: this is ugly. It’s still in my garage though, free for the taking if you want it.

I also took out all this stuff about a year ago and replaced it with brushed nickel fixtures:


If I had known how well knobs take to spray paint, I might have painted them and reused them, but alas. That lesson was learned later.

Here’s a corner of the old mirror along with a partial shot of the awesome wall paper border that was there:


You can see why I changed it.

I peeled off the border, scraped, patched and sanded before I painted. I used a light gray color that I feel really gives an updated, modern spin on the space.


I also replaced that towel bar because the one that was there was hanging precariously from its tacos, halfway out of the wall. My mom’s old towels that she gave me when I moved out of her house were a perfect match for the shower curtain I found at World Market.

The updated, low-profile light fixture:


On, and off:

Light dos

And here she is, all pretty and pulled together, though before we added the light fixture:


I really wish I’d taken better “before” shots, partly so I could show you what I’ve done, but also to remind myself how far we’ve come. Instead, I always come up with a million projects I’d like to get on in this well-loved 1939 house. But, onward and upward. These past few weeks I’ve been focusing on the upstairs bathroom, so perhaps there will be a few photos from that makeover some time soon.

In the meantime, this is downstairs:


That’s the boy’s tub toys, down here while I work on the upstairs tub area. He loves this deep jacuzzi tube.

Oh, and let me just show you something.

The throne

The toilet, tucked under the basement stairs. But it’s not the toilet I want you to see. Come closer.


Is that…


Yep! It’s a calendar, and proof of Dutch citizenship in the house. Why is that, you ask? Because Dutch people keep a calendar in their guest bath, apparently so you can add your birthday on the correct date. Also, since the guest bath is often the only one on the main floor, that room will be used often, by everyone in the house, who will therefore be reminded of your special day when it draws near. And then, you can invite them over for the party that you host yourself. Because that’s how it works in the land of Nether. You invite and pay for your own party.

My mother-in-law sent this calendar, but it was relegated to the downstairs bathroom. Be sure to come add your birthday next time you are over!


One thought on “Curtain Time

  1. That is such a cute Dutch custom to have a calendar in the bathroom! Your bathroom looks very, very nice. I don’t remember ever having red towels in any bathroom of mine (except the current guest bath), so how could I have given you some?

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