Floating Corner Shelves

One of my latest spruce up projects has been the sunroom/office/playroom. I painted it once shortly after we moved in, but added the stripes a few months ago. Recently we also added a bigger desk from pieces of our old desk along with a piece of Dirk’s leftover subflooring.


Pardon the night-time photos.

I also added a painted and re-purposed old bench donated by my good friend Emily for seating. I made a cushion for it, too, which only goes to show that I should forever stick to painting and not sewing. It’s the wrinkley-est, crooked-est thing ever.


Then it was on to some shelves for the corner.

I showed the husband a tutorial on how to build the shelves, and that gave him enough of an idea to take off with not just floating shelves, but floating corner shelves.

He built these little forms:


Mounted them to the wall:


Which made them look like this:


Repeat three times.

Then, get distracted with something else and forget to take pictures of subsequent steps. He made shells that fit perfectly over each of these frames. I primed and painted them in my usual manner: The American Life podcasts.

Painted, they were finally ready to slide onto the wall to look amazing, while holding all the stuff cluttering my desk.




2 thoughts on “Floating Corner Shelves

  1. It looks like a lovely room. You are lucky to have a room like this! I have to make do with a fold-up desk in the corner of my living room 😦 You have decorated in really nicely!

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