Dining In and Around Bogota


I just got back from Colombia a week ago. And as usual, I tried as much different food as I could get my hands on. The dish above is from a place where everything in the place is served on one of those giant, plantain plates. Each plate is made from just one piece of fruit, rolled thin and cooked according to your specification. Mine came crispy like I asked, but my friend got hers less done, and more chewy. For my topping, I got a big piece of meat with chimichurri sauce, in honor of my awesome brother-in-law. Guacamole on the side, and I was a happy girl.


Next up, we hit this little roadside stand for some strawberries.


I got a pint to take home and a little cup filled with sliced berries and sweet whipped “nata,” or cream. No photo of that, because we were in the car and my hands were busy spooning sweet goodness into my mouth.


The next day, we lunched at a traditional asadero, where the meat, mainly beef and pork, are roasted spit-style in open-hearth barbeques.


Another huge chunk of beef was accompanied by a boiled, salted potato, boiled yucca (cassava) and fried plantain that was the icing on my … steak. I tried my friend’s pork ribs, and I have to say, they were actually better.


There were other meals, of course. One evening when I was on my own I discovered a little pizza joint where the man was closing and he quickly made me an apple gouda cheese pizza. That was washed down with an apple soda, sweetly reminiscent of my childhood. And I ate pain au chocolat every. single. morning. Yum. Those reminded me of the bakery my mom frequented when we were growing up in Quito, the very same bakery where my sister’s family now enjoys a Saturday morning family moment around those same rolls.


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