The Sunset Sailboat Tour


D had the great idea to take a sailboat tour. We checked in to it, and most of the trips were all day events, which we didn’t think we could handle with the kids.


But we found one that offered an evening sunset tour, which was perfect. A few hours on the water, we’d get the experience but not the overtired kids.

What in the world can he be contemplating?


This kid loved it. Or was it just the Fanta that he liked?


No, I’m pretty sure he was wild with delight over climbing all over that thing and making us hop along after him constantly, trying to keep him from falling overboard.



He even got to put his toes in the water.




I wish the focus was just a bit sharper.

IMG_8070I’m a model, you know what I mean?[/caption]


It was a gorgeous, relaxing way to spend a Belizean evening.



3 thoughts on “The Sunset Sailboat Tour

  1. I think I’m having a heart attack imagining trying to keep him onboard. I’d probably not make it with my stress-level if I couldn’t find a life jacket for Canaan!

    1. They actually had a life jacket, but the boat guy seemed to think it was weird that we wanted one. In retrospect, …probably should have put it on him.

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