Hamburger Party


We had a some-what impromptu birthday party to celebrate the little kid turning two. At this point in my life, it’s important to keep things simple, so I came up with an idea that would be fun, relatively work-free, and crowd pleasing. The Oklahoma crowd, that is.


We had a hamburger bar. That meant I combined ground beef, ground sirloin and ground sausage, divided it into fist-sized portions and single bagged each portion. Each guest took their uncooked burger, added any number of the mix-ins that I provided, squished it around into a rough hamburger shape and then slipped it onto the grill.


For mix-ins, I had chopped peppers, green onion, blue cheese, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, shredded colby cheese and salt and pepper. Oh, and bacon, obviously. I also had some fun sauces on the topper side, like hoisin and a sour cream herb blend.


The husband was in charge of keeping everyone’s order straight, and I’ll tell you that as soon as they browned they all looked the same. So I think he drew a quick schematic to make sure he didn’t give Mike’s burger to Christy, for example. I was busy forcing peach ice tea onto everyone.

There was also salad, sweet potato oven fries and chips, along with two kinds of pickles (thanks to Dirk!)

In the hour before the party when everything was pretty ready and set up I did my usual panic thing where I worrying about not having enough and trying to think of some other side dish I could serve or whether I should quickly make home-made hamburger buns. But I held off, and we enjoyed the evening just the same.

As usual the kids took off for the sand pit/base of the former above ground pool and had a blast digging, throwing and smearing sand on their bodies. We pretty much didn’t even see the 2-year-old guest of honor until it was cupcake time. Meanwhile, the adults laughed about fixing up their hamburgers, chatted while they cooked and enjoyed good food. I liked that it was so interactive.

Since I had not the foresight to photograph the cupcakes, enjoy this video of the little guy digging in instead.


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