That Time Where I Touched a Shark

Looks like a pool, right? Nope. That’s the ocean.


My sister recently asked to see photos of the kid’s birthday party. No way! I still have tons more Belize photos, and you better believe I’m going to milk those for all they are worth. Also, I haven’t downloaded them from the camera yet.

Guess what’s super attractive? People wearing snorkel masks.


We really wanted to go snorkeling while we were there. Both my husband and I lived in the Caribbean for about nine months, and we’ve gone snorkeling in several other countries and really loved it. So we weren’t going to miss the largest barrier reef in this hemisphere.


We weren’t sure how it would work with the kids, but we switched off hanging out with them and it worked out fine. They were pretty content to hang out in the boat, though they did get in the water some.


A few snacks and they were happy.


And then there was the part where we got to swim with and touch the sharks.


We dropped anchor and most people hopped out, though D and I stayed with the kids. I thought we’d just have to miss it. But no. Our boat captain was super awesome. He picked up one of those five-foot-long suckers and lifted him up the two feet to the side while treading water, just so the kids could experience him. (Her? no idea. Because… SHARK!)


The kid got right in there, eager to pet him. E was a little more timid.

The shark felt weird; like a cross between a snake and sandpaper.

As for the fish and coral, they were ok, but not the most spectacular I’ve seen. I did like that our boat captain/guide swam with us and pointed stuff out.

All in all, worth the effort, I’d say.

A little sun burned, tired and happy.


Does anyone else get that weird sore spot after snorkeling on their forehead that lasts for a day? Makes me feel like an adolescent rhinoceros.

All photos in this post courtesy of D, who awesomely brought her camera, while I was too scared of getting mine wet/lost/dropped.


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