I Don’t Think I Can Refer to Him as “The Baby” Anymore


This little boy is TWO today!

He’s becoming such a little man, willful but full of life. He knows what he likes (trucks! trains! motorcycles! papa!) and what he doesn’t like (anything you want him to do! giving mama kisses!).

He runs everywhere, and loves being chased around the house. When he wants something or some attention, he grabs our hands and says, “Mama, coming!” It’s fun to see his vocabulary growing every day, and he’s often repeating the last words of our sentences, trying out those new words.

I picked him up from child care last Wednesday night, and when I poked my head above the door, he gave a delighted “Mama!” from the corner of the room, and promptly climbed up a tower of cushions to show how high he could go. Then he tripped over some blocks running toward me, and put his toy train in the box like the child care lady asked. I picked him up and he immediately wiggled to get down, saying, “Walking!” As in, “I want to walk!” He walked confidently down the hall and out the door to the parking lot, and I thought, this kid isn’t a baby, anymore.

I can still get him to hold my hand in the parking lot, though.

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