How I Celebrated Not Laboring by Laboring on Labor Day

Americans have weird holidays, don’t you think?

Or is it just because I didn’t grow up here that I never know the significance of half the holidays we have? Whatever the case, I enjoyed the three-day weekend. And while it may have made more sense to take our vacation over this weekend so as not to have to burn so many vacation days, it was nice to come home, work, have a weekend, work a full week and then just enjoy this long weekend with my little family at home.

We spent it working on a wall-mounted book shelf for the boy.

It’s a pretty simple design, one that I saw somewhere else and wanted to imitate. The handy husband simply cut the side pieces out of a piece of MDF we had left over, and then we measured and cut the bottom shelves out of leftover wood. The dowels came from a quilt rack I bought at a thrift store and disassembled.

We simply screwed all the pieces in from the sides, painted and huge it with brackets. And all those times I said “we” up there? Yeah, that was the handy husband. Though I did do all the painting, as per usual.

So there you have it. How I labored.


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