We snuck away this week for 7 days in Belize. The baby boy will be two next month, so there will be no more free lap child tickets for him.

We chose Belize for several reasons. Three years ago we considered it when we vacationed with my sister and brother-in-law; in the end I think we decided Panama would be less expensive and not so prone to hurricanes.

This time, we chose it because we still wanted to go, the flight was relatively short for our little wiggler, and the cost of the ticket in frequent flier miles was the same as a domestic flight ticket would cost!

We found a great condo on Ambergris Caye, which we are sharing with friends to keep the cost down. We’re eaten out once a day, and done breakfasts and sandwiches using the full kitchen. Groceries are pricey on the island, though, about 20-40% more than what they’d be on the mainland.

Because this is a “kid-cation,” (we’ve got two two-year-olds and a three-month-old, we’ve kept it pretty simple. We didn’t do any excursions to the mainland or spent any time in Belize City. We did a half a day snorkeling trip and an evening sail on a sailboat catamaran.

With the downtime for naps, I’ve read two books and am well through #3. It’s great. Stay tuned for more photos, which are sure to come.



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