It’s Been 15 Years


This weekend we took a couple of days off and drove up to Chicago to meet some of my high school classmates for a 15 year reunion. We last got together five years ago in Cali, and it was then that my friend Caleb convinced me to join this weird site called “Facebook” that I thought would be another MySpace. Turns out, it’s not, and it’s hard to imagine what life was like before the constant checking of Crackbook. But this post isn’t about Facebook; it’s about friendships that have lasted over years and years. I was pleasantly surprised to remember how much I enjoyed this crew and inspired to see that we all turned out pretty well.


The part of the story that does relate back to Facebook is that it has led to connections with several classmates I might never have seen again.


Three of the girls who came to the reunion didn’t graduate with us, but they were part of our class at one point. Its fun to see how Facebook reconnected us. *End advertisement.*


The weekend was spent mostly talking. Primary questions included, “Now where do you live?” and “What is it that you do?” and “How many kids do you have?” And as we quickly got up to speed, I saw that the characteristics that were in each of us in high school were still there, only they were refined with a little wisdom and age.


We took in some of the usual sights on Saturday.


Sunday morning we had breakfast together before splitting to go our separate ways — California, Florida, Colorado, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, Michigan, Kansas and Oklahoma. Oh, and Brussels.


Maybe we’ll see each other again in five years. I sure hope so.



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