Let’s Party Like Girls


We’ve had a few parties around here lately. Birthdays, babies and just general summer fun. At the moment, my husband and a friend have about 4,300 pieces of the new grill we just bought spread out in the sunroom, attempting to put the grill together for the grilling party we’re having tonight. Last Friday, we had a fun baby shower for my friend Emily. Several people pitched in with food and decorations, and I thought it turned out to be a pretty cute party.


Cassie made that fantabulous pennant banner, and the best part was that I got to keep it afterward. (Maybe I should hang it up tonight?


White Peach Sangria.


Mint Pea bruschetta.


Quinoa Greek Salad. (I could have eaten this whole container.)


And Lavender Lemonade. The lemonade was more popular than the sangria, probably because the sangria was strong enough to knock your socks off and still put hair on your chest. Oops.

But enough about the food. It was mostly a lot of this going on:


And then “oooing” and “auuuhhhing” over tiny baby clothes, many with cupcakes on them. Now that little cupcake can make her appearance! (But not before her daddy gets home on Wednesday, please.)

On with the summer parties!


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