In a country with an extended coastline and a landmass reclaimed from the sea, Dutch culture is deeply tied to the water. Popular names for babies are derivatives of words like “sailor” and “seafarer.” The Dutch were some of the first of the modern era to explore the world by boat. All this ocean obsession also means the Dutch are really in to their boats and boating. And one of these aspects is the tug boat.


Every two years, my husband’s home village hosts a festival called the Sleepbootdagen. Obviously, it’s the biggest thing to ever happen in that town, and everyone goes all out. Shops have extended hours, vendors and entertainers come from all over to set up shop on the walkways and along the docks, and most of all, tug boats of all size and shape cruise in to town and set up shop.


I’m not really in to tug boats, but it is a fun atmosphere to enjoy. (And also, oliebollen! The little guy figured those out pretty fast… It must be in his Dutch DNA.)



Look! there was an organ grinder.


And why am I dressed as a wacked out hippie? Because that’s how one dresses when one has been on a trip for 13 days in hot places and one desperately needs to do laundry because one hasn’t done laundry in two weeks. These were the least dirty.

Also note: I am the American/Ecuadorian short one. The tall ones are the Dutch people.

His first motorcycle ride, and he’s already cultivating the bored/cool look.


He’s serious about jeeping, however.


And horses are kind of boring.


To conclude:


I’m not too sure. But at least we got oliebollen.



2 thoughts on “Sleepbootdagen

  1. The little guy is so darn cute! He certainly looks Dutch!

    Did you just learn how to paint arrows on your blog??

  2. I noticed your skirt before I read the explanation and though, “oh, what a cute skirt that I don’t think I’ve seen before.” Ha ha. I guess there’s some hippie in me too!

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